The new trailer for Halle Berry’s movie Kidnap starts off about as you’d expect it to. A mother is playing a game of Marco-Polo with her son, who then disappears as she frantically searches for him in a playground. Then, she sees him being shoved into a car by an unknown person who proceeds to drive off with him. But then, Berry gets into her own van and roars off in hot pursuit through the playground parking lot. Is this an action movie now? I guess so!

What follows are some pretty straightforward action movie beats: Berry goes to the cops, realizes waiting for them to solve this won’t help, decides to pursue her son and his kidnapper herself in her big minivan, and essentially becomes Mad Max.

Which begs the question, who is this movie for, exactly? I know plenty of moms who would immediately be turned off from any kind of movie involving a kidnapping, just because that fear is all too real for them. But then again, maybe I know the wrong moms. Maybe there are moms out there who would enjoy watching a revenge thriller starring a woman trying to protect her child.

If you like moms or car chases or kidnapping movies or any combination of the three, be sure to check out the new poster below, which boasts the tagline: They Messed With the Wrong Mother. Oh, geez. Okay. I kinda love this.


Kidnap opens August 4.

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