You've heard the term "break a leg," but have you ever had one thrown at you? Apparently, Keith Urban has.

In a recent interview on The Graham Norton Show, Urban talked about the strangest thing he's ever had thrown at him while performing. Fans would think perhaps an aspiring musicians's CD was launched his way, an undergarment ... at worst, a tomato. However, Urban's story bypasses these items — his story is about a fake leg.

"It was years ago and I was doing a concert at this big venue," Urban shares, "And somebody in the crowd shouted out, 'Will you sign my leg?' And I thought this will be a good moment. So I'm like yeah, come on up here. ... And so she disappeared for a minute. I couldn't see her head and the next minute she reappeared and lobbed this prosthetic leg onto the stage!"

As Norton and the crowd roared with laughter, Urban's Oscar-winning wife Nicole Kidman, who joined him for the interview, was in complete shock. Urban explained that the occurrence happened years before he met Kidman in 2005, and the story was clearly news to her. The only word Kidman was able to muster up after Urban's tale was, "Insane!"

Urban finished his story by noting he signed the fake leg and then pondered, "What's the correct prosthetic leg returning etiquette?" Instead of hoisting it back into the crowd like a free T-shirt, Urban had fans safely deliver the leg back to its rightful owner. Now that's rock 'n' roll.

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