To anyone who says baseball is boring, may we offer this up as Exhibit A that it's anything but.

Yasuaki Yamasaki, the closer for the Yokohama DeNA Baystars, of the Japanese Central League, recently entered a a sports car...while "Zombie Nation" the crowd went totally out of its mind (note that Yamasaki's team is identified wrong in the below tweet).

And keep in mind this is a regular season game. You've gotta pace yourself, right? In the majors, you just don't see this kind of energy for a random Wednesday night game in Seattle. It just doesn't happen. Fans get excited as the stakes get higher and once the playoffs arrive, then the atmosphere becomes this intense.

But things are clearly different in Japan. You get the feeling that they're doing the wave during batting practice and giving out high-fives after getting a beer at the concession stand.

And if this is how they react to Yasuaki Yamasaki, can you imagine the tremors the ground would've endured from all their shaking when Mariano Rivera came into a game?

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