Ok, you can't literally travel the world within Texas but you can say you've been to some faraway places without leaving the lone star state.

You won't even need a "Texas Passport" for these trips. Texas has many cities named after faraway places. Most are pretty small but there's one that's kinda "big".

Odessa, Texas has a population of 114,336. Not exactly huge but, by comparison, the 2nd largest city in all of New Mexico, Las Cruces, only has 115,958 peeps.

Texas gets a lot of love from all around the world. For example, there is a Scottish band named "Texas" and a town in Australia is named "Texas". There are other cities named Texas around the world including 6 in Mexico and one each in the Philippines, Ecuador and Bolivia.

When we were a Republic, we had embassies around the world. In the Netherlands, Texas is a term for "crazy". In Spain, it can mean "jeans" as in, "let me put on my Texans before we go out".

Texas Cities Around The World

Texas Cities Named After Places Around The World

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What Texas Cities Are Named After Foreign Places?

A few of the more notable ones include: Odessa, Texas - 6,301 miles from Odessa, Ukraine, Dublin, Texas - 4,567 miles from Dublin, IrelandEdinburg, Texas -  4,923 miles from Edinburgh, ScotlandHarlingen, Texas - 5,304 miles from Harlingen, NetherlandsLiverpool, Texas - 4,718 miles from Liverpool, UK, and New Braunfels, Texas - 5,330 miles from Braunfels, Germany.

The miles given from city to city are as quoted by Authentic Texan. There are about 20 "foreign" Texas cities in all, check 'em out in the gallery above.

How These Texas Cities Got Their Names

Texas City Name Origins

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32 Texas Cities With Food In Their Name That Will Leave You Hangry

Reading through these Texas town names will leave you craving something to eat, possibly craving something named after one of these towns that were named after food! 

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