Many Texas residents are gearing up for their spring break, or eclipse adventure that will take them somewhere through Hill Country, Central or North Texas as totality will pass over the Lone Star State on April 8th. Personally, I am very excited to enjoy the experience of a total solar eclipse while standing knee deep in a gorgeous field of Texas Bluebonnets, but my kids are also champing at the bit to go on an adventure that involves lots of water and the beach.

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The older my children get, the more we focus on experience over costs when it comes to vacation, and that is why you do not see us participating in a yearly trip to Disneyland or Disney World. No matter how much planning we put into family trips, the parts the kids continue to rave about are the time spent in nature and swimming.

One Of Texas's Most Remarkable Beaches Turns 90 This Year

Lake Corpus Christi State Park is turning 90 this year, so not only can you get a unique experience with nature, but you can show your children a piece of history that has been here since the Great Depression.

So, no matter if you are looking for a spring break escape, summer beach getaway, or just an awesome place to put a line in the water, Lake Corpus Christi State Park is a no brainer for family fun, and who can turn down a birthday party?

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