Driving in Texas has gotten a lot more challenging lately due to all kinds of new variables like people holding and operating their mobile phones, travelers navigating unfamiliar roads with changing terrain, and the simple influx of millions of new vehicles accessing the roads because of all the new arrivals making the Lone Star State their home.

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No matter what the distraction, speed also plays a role in traffic fatalities, and with almost a quarter billion square miles to our expansive state, there are plenty of motor vehicle operators that appear to always be running late, or are simply impatient.

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Of course, we also have many of the fastest speed limits in the country, so as the overall flow of traffic is traveling quite quickly, there is also a large number of additional vehicles going a little to significantly greater than the posted signs permit.

Texas's Two Most Dangerous Intersections Now Deadliest In America

According to new information provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and posted in this Auto Insurance article, about 1 in 5 traffic fatalities occur at intersections. The three deadliest intersections are all in New Jersey, but Texas has two that are tied for 4th as the most deadly.

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One of the intersections is just west of West Odessa, and is where Farm to Market 866 runs north of Interstate 20 to meet Texas Highway 302.

The other intersection is in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro, and is where US highway 287 meets Texas 360 in what some have started calling "Dead Mansfield" as it is right about the border between Midlothian and Mansfield.

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