As they say, home is where the heart is. When we get home, it's finally time for us to relax for a little bit and recharge for the next day. But it's also an opportunity to take in where we live.

There might be something we haven't noticed in the area, or better yet you'll see an animal you never met. We all get excited we see a new dog right? Or is that just me?

Regardless, making the area around us better for everyone is just a great idea. Especially when you add a little Texas flair to it right?

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One Squirrel Abode, Made Texas Style

So what are we discussing today you ask? Well one day, a Texas family noticed 2 baby squirrels that had unfortunately lost their mother. According to MySanAntonio, the family started to care for the little animals, with one sadly not making it.

The other little squirrel, whom they named Dale, bonded with the family. So they decided if that he was to stay near the family, he would have to have his own little home. But how do you style a home for a squirrel?

Well, you put a little bit of a Texas on it, like this!

Look, I'm just going to say it, how does a little animal live better than me? Also does he get free Whataburger too? If that is indeed a perk he gets, I'm extremely jealous of Dale, the official squirrel of Whataburger.

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