Some of us are very excited for the upcoming eclipse in Texas.

As the day draws closer and closer, preparations around the Lone Star State are currently under way. Some places in Texas have been tapped as the best places to watch the eclipse, while some counties are sending out warnings of the potential growth the area will experience.

Texas is set to grow a lot for a short period of time thanks to other visiting the state, and some may not be prepared, especially for the traffic. But overall, everyone is simply getting ready for the moment when the eclipse occurs. Some in the state will also travel to other parts of the state, or to a state park.

However, if you're going to a state park in Texas, you should prepare ahead. Parks in the state will need one specific thing to get in on the big day.

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Texas State Parks Will Have One Requirement For The Eclipse


If someone in Texas is planning to watch the eclipse event in a Lone Star State Park, you will need a very specific item. What is it you ask? Well, according to FOX 4, it'll be a day to pass to the park.

As reported by the news organization, patrons won't be able to get into any state parks without an reservation booked overnight, or going ahead and buying a day pass before the event takes place.

So, this is your heads up to buy a pass for a Texas State Park if you want to view the eclipse in style!

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