We all know the area we live in is always moving and changing. It's interesting to think that parts of the state are different from year to year. One those factors that causes the mentioned adjustments is of course, the weather.

The heat, the cold, the rain, the snow, it affects the state in all kinds of ways. Today however, we'll mainly focus on the third item mentioned, the rain in the Lone Star State. According to CW33, the hotter that the atmosphere gets, the more rain that occurs. Which in turn leads to flooding in the area.

Newest data collected also shows that some areas in the state are potentially in trouble if things continue the way they are.

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Certain Texas Cities Could Be Underwater If Trends Hold

CW33 goes into further detail that states experts believe the current trending is something we should be keeping an eye on. An map that shows how data is going should be alarming to citizens in the state, especially those who live on those coastal areas of the state.

The map, which predicts how the state will be the future with different variables, shows that in 2050, some Texas cities might be underwater. The factor that was included to ascertain this data with "unchecked pollution." So is there anything we can at the current time?

At current time, yes there are certain things we can do, which are listed here. Hopefully soon, we can reverse this course, and keep all Texas cities above water.

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