The topic of corporal punishment in Texas is always a very uncomfortable one. Conversations about spanking our children are also something that I found makes a lot of Texans uncomfortable discussing. No one likes the idea of having to spank a child or even it being an option, but what if disciplining a child because of the harm they caused to YOUR child was available, would you take advantage of it?

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I’m not saying just go around, hitting other people's children because they don’t like your child, but what if there was a child who bullied your children to a point where abuse was a factor and your child feared for their lives, could you or would you retaliate with becoming physical with that child if that was the last option? I’m a big believer that kids will be kids, and children treat each other the way a parent allows them to treat others. I’ve seen children hurt other children on playgrounds and parents notify other parents and the response would be that the child is "just playing" and not for it to be taken so seriously, that makes me so angry.


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I’m not saying spank your child, but definitely correct them if they are making another child uncomfortable. According to criminal defense lawyers, while parents have a limited right to use force against their children for discipline, a person who is not a child’s parent or caregiver does not necessarily have any right to use force against a child. What can be considered lawful spanking to your own child might be considered battery if done to your child’s playmate or a neighbor's child. It’s important to have conversations with our children about treating each other respectfully and keeping your hands and feet to yourself to avoid any violence possible.

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