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All of us we shocked, saddened, and disgusted by the mass shooting that happened Saturday in Allen, Texas. The video and images posted on social media will stay with people for a long time. And of course for those who were there, for those who lost loved ones, their lives will never be the same. We mourn for those who died and pray for those who were injured, both physically and mentally.

Just as we have seen in previous mass shootings, people want answers and they want to engage in the blame game immediately. People rush to social media demanding changes to laws without even knowing all the facts yet. And that's what played out over the weekend and on Monday inside the Texas Capitol. Anti-gun groups and those in the media rallied on Monday to put pressure on Texas House lawmakers to pass out of committee a piece of legislation, that prior to Saturday, didn't have enough support in the Texas House Select Committee on Community Safety to pass. The legislation, if passed, would raise the age to buy most semi-automatic rifles to 21 years old. Right now in Texas, someone who is 18, also known as a legal adult, can purchase a rifle. Democrat lawmakers, activists, and even some in the media on Monday discussed passing the legislation and renewed interest in the legislation because of what happened in Allen, Texas. However, the shooter in Allen was in his thirties. So the legislation would have had zero impact on the latest shooting, but still it passed out of committee.

Most likely, the legislation will not be approved by the full Texas House. And it shouldn't. At 18, you are considered an adult. You have rights as an adult and that includes the 2nd Amendment. You have a right to protect yourself and your home. If we want to have a larger debate about when adulthood starts, fine but that should also include the voting age and gender modification.

The Texas legislature needs to act on facts, not emotion. And that's why they should reject House Bill 2744.

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