We are really lucky to have Palo Duro Canyon pretty much in our backyard. We have the beauty within a short drive. We can camp, bike, and hike. We can take the family out to see the Musical Drama Texas.

Palo Duro Canyon is only second to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. So to have something so notable so close is really a lucky thing for us. There are, of course, a lot of things we need to know about having the canyon so close.

We know that in the summer it gets hotter in the canyon than it does anywhere else. We know we need to be prepared if we go for a visit. We need to make sure we have sunscreen and a lot of water. If you think you have brought too much water for a trip go ahead and bring a little more. In Palo Duro Canyon it is better to have to bring water back home than not have enough.

We also know that when it rains the canyon can flood and become very dangerous. The rains can close a lot of our trails. We learn to check before we go to make sure that the heat or the rains haven't closed anything we would want to do.

Palo Duro Canyon is a sight to see. It's a beauty all within itself and ends up being the backdrop for a lot of photos. Recently one photo on social media of Palo Duro Canyon came into question. Even the folks of Palo Duro Canyon had to address it.

It's a beautiful photo but it is not Palo Duro Canyon. The thing is that you can get very beautiful photos out in the canyon, just maybe not this one. Oh, how technology has changed things. Now we have to question everything we see.

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