Be careful taking a dip in this part of Texas. Alligators are in the water and you need to take caution.

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^I remember we posted this video awhile ago and it looks like alligators in Huntsville State Park are once again scaring the crap out of visitors. I am happy to report, no one was hurt in the latest incident, but over the weekend Girl Scout Troop 114204 had an overnight camping trip at the park.

“I was thinking, this is the day I die,” 11-year-old Ava Miller said.

One girl had that quote for Click 2 Houston. The gator estimated to be about fourteen feet long was spotted as the majority of the troop was in the middle of the lake on a floating dock. Some of the girls panicked and began to swim as fast at they could to shore. Parents began to go in the water to try and distract the gator from getting closer.

Huntsville State Park on Alligators in the Area

The park says that the alligators are actually a rare occurrence in the park. They actually closed the swimming area for the rest of the day. "Nuisance" alligators have been removed from the park before and this thing maybe getting a new home soon. They're currently debating if this situation will have to be handled like others in the past with a relocation.


Watch Texas Girl Scout Troop Swim from Alligator Below

The girl scout troop named the alligator "Karen" since it attempted to ruin their good time. At least the girls can somewhat laugh off this very scary situation.

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