Drinking beer and hunting go together like peanut butter and jelly. Most of my pals love to kick back and wait for an unsuspecting deer with a case of beer by their side. But, it is actually legal to drink while you are hunting in Texas? Let's see what Texas law has to say about drinking and hunting.

So, is it illegal to drink beer while you hunt in Texas?

There are no laws that specifically restrict someone from consuming alcohol while they are hunting in Texas. However, you are not allowed to be intoxicated while you're hunting. So, technically, you are permitted to have a few beers as long as your blood alcohol level is less than .08.

So, how many drinks can you have to stay below the legal limit?

They say the average person will not be over the legal limit of intoxication after having just one drink. Two drinks, however, could be enough to put you over if you happen to weigh less than 120 pounds. It all really depends on your size and the alcohol content in whatever you're drinking. So, be careful!

A great way to make sure you aren't breaking any laws while you're out hunting in Texas, or even just out driving, is to buy a small breathalyzer keychain to go on your keys or keep in your car. They are relatively cheap and are an easy and effective way to prevent yourself from getting into trouble.

It's also worth remembering that it takes about an hour to metabolize a single alcoholic beverage, so sticking to one beer each hour while you're out hunting in Texas should keep you in the clear!

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