If you’re thinking that a Texas getaway sounds like a fun adventure, or you just need a nice relaxing weekend there is a rental in the Texas hill country that you need to see for yourself. Whether you’re looking for more fun or a relaxing trip you can find exactly what you want in the hill country, although the area is so beautiful you might not ever want to go back home.  

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What is a Yurt? That is a good question. They are a very sturdy tent type structure that has been used a lot in recent years as vacation rentals. Most of them offer a cool theme or special decor to add something extra to make the rental property stand out from all the other rentals in the area. This one I found in Wimberley, Texas is beautiful inside and out, offering a private deck and even an outdoor kitchen.  

So Many Amenities with This Yurt Rental in Wimberley  

While most people assume that in a tent-like structure you’re probably going to be giving up some modern amenities, that is not the case. This rental has a hot tub and a gas fire pit on the deck. If you want to make food instead of going out to eat there is a gas grill available for use. Plus, a mini fridge for other food items.  

How Much for the Yurt in Wimberley, Texas? 

This yurt is in high demand, so when I was looking at prices I saw as low as around $300 and as high as $668 per night. So, it really depends on when you want to travel and how far out you can book your reservation. The yurt rental is for 2 guests and has one bedroom and bathroom. Let’s look at more of the pictures from the romantic yurt rental in the hill country.  

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