Here's something people don't talk about enough, the most beautiful restaurants. We've got mountains of lists ranking the best BBQ, the best burgers, the best wings, and wine spritzers, but what about the best atmosphere? That's important.

While we may overlook a rundown joint on the outskirts of town cause it's serving the best street tacos in Texas, what if that delicious food was being served in an amazing atmosphere too? Who's ever said they'd rather do without breathtaking architecture while they eat?

I'll tell you who, no one.

Enter PEOPLE Magazine. Known more to me as a periodical for ranking the most beautiful people in the world, has also tackled the most beautiful restaurants, and thank God they did. Cause the thought never even crossed my mind.

This month in honor of "PEOPLE’s 50th anniversary and 2024 Beautiful Issue, the editors at OpenTable crowned 50 restaurants as the country’s most beautiful." And it looks like Texas has got one of the most beautiful on their list:

Tillie’s in Dripping Springs, Texas. From PEOPLE, "Enter a cavernous space housed in a 200-year-old Vietnamese town hall appointed with impressive, eclectic antiques."


What a stunning place. The restaurant’s building is a repurposed town hall from the Ninh Binh region of Vietnam. If you've yet to visit Tillie's they offer "an array of innovative international flavors, creating a new set of rules for cuisine in Central Texas." And you get to eat it inside that beautiful building.

The concept behind our award-winning dining experience can be described as “American Nouveau" cuisine that borrows cooking traditions and techniques from all around the world to create something new and exciting.

Interested in seeing 49 more of the most beautiful restaurants? Click here.

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