Pets are just the best, aren't they? They're a lifeline for many of us. Emotionally and otherwise. Cats, dogs, parakeets, it doesn't matter. For most of us, pets are considered family members. I know that was the case for my house growing up. I knew a family who had all of their pets cremated and their urns on the mantle. Pets are serious business.

Heaven forbid, but if something terrible ever happened to your furry friend, you've got to know where to go and who to see. That's important. If pets are indeed like family, you won't take them just anywhere. Much the same way you wouldn't go to just any doctor. The veterinarian has to be a good match for both you and your fur baby. Compassionate and gentle.

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But where in the Big Country do you go? I wanted to know to find out and asked a group of Abileneians who they considered their top veterinarian. The results are in. Keep scrolling to find out the who's who of veterinarians in Abilene.

Look: The 11 Most Trusted Veterinarians in the Abilene Area

As you can see the choices are many. There were plenty of passionate comments from Abilene area pet owners. So, you see, where and who you take your pet to see is very important. There are plenty of online resources from the AVMA that will help you decide on the perfect doctor and staff for your pet. Some things you can do are:

  • Ask a friend - a lot of the time this is a great way to find a local veterinarian.
  • Ask breed clubs and special interest groups in your area.
  • Ask your current veterinarian - this comes in handy when moving.

But what if you have pets and are expecting a baby? That could throw a spin on things. Have no fear. We have you covered. You can keep your fur baby and new baby living in perfect harmony. Keep scrolling to see 8 ways how to get your house ready for baby.

Top Eight Ways To Prepare Your Pets for a Baby

Rebecca Johnson, Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and Licensed Family Paws Parent Educator, highlights the best methods for success in this venture!