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Now that Punxsutawney Phil has had his say and we're expecting a few more weeks of winter it's time to start thinking about spring cleaning. At my house, we're cleaning out closets, under the beds, in the garage, and in the shed. So the question came up where are we going to take all these clothes and home decor items we no longer want or need?

That's when my wife orders us to gather all the clothes that either don't fit or we don't want anymore. She says "I'm washing clothes and I'm donating them to charity so get them to me right now." Then she asks me directly "what nonprofits do we need to help the most and to whom should we donate all this to?"

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That's when I put this list together of all the nonprofit organizations in and around Abilene that accept donations. Some only accept clothing others accept food, others only accept money, and some will take whatever you give them.

Nonetheless, these nonprofits in Abilene will graciously accept our spring cleaning donations. Some may be in greater need than others but the fact remains that what you donate will be put to good use.

To learn more, or to contact any of these nonprofits listed below, just follow the links and donate what you can:

All of the above will accept clothing donations. Some will even take household items, furniture, and more. However, some like the Christian Homes and Family Services only accept specialized clothing.

If you need to know more reach out to any of these wonderful organizations.

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