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This Christmas holiday season, don't miss Aaron Watson live and in concert at the Paramount Theatre. Aaron is hosting the concert himself and he's bringing Santa Claus to spend time with the kids. the Paramount is very limited on seating, so if you want to attend get your tickets early.

Aaron Watson will be performing all his hit songs, his Christmas songs as well as his newest single (as seen in the video below) that's been over fourteen years in the making. Watson's latest release is "The Old Mad Said" which is a very personal story of an elderly couple Pete and Dorothy Pew that he housed with while attending Abilene Christian University. One day he received a call from Pete, and Aaron referred to Pete as 'The Old Man' asking him to drop by because he needed to speak with him.

This was a few years after Watson had graduated from Abilene Christian University and was now married and living on his own. Mister Pete started the conversation with "I've had a stroke and I'm not doing well  and went on to inform him that he won't be living much more." Arron said "Mister Pete shared his heart with me that day, about life-things and more. So, I went home and wrote down what Mister Pete said and I put it away.

Arron went on to say "It was four days later that Mister Pete passed away and three hours after Pete passed my son was born. The words that Pete Pew said have been sitting on my desk and it's taken me over fourteen years to write the Song "The Old Man Said," well, it's a true story and I want to honor Mister Pete with his words in the song and I pray this song touches others the way Pete's words have touched me."

While Aaron Watson was working on releasing his latest single, Aaron was hit with an Idea because of how the Pete Pew family comes together I thought about how everyone needs to spend time with family celebrating the holidays. Thus the Aaron Watson Christmas concert on December 23rd at the historic Paramount Theatre in Downtown Abilene.

If you want to attend get your tickets now and reserve your spot.

Photo by: Paramount Theatre / Aaron Watson
Photo by: Paramount Theatre / Aaron Watson

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