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After dinner a few nights ago, I asked my wife if she ever craves a dessert after dinner, to which she answered "yes, I wished I could just go through the Mack Eplen's  drivateria and order their Lemon Ice Box Pie."

To which I answered, "I would love to have their most famous item those Mack Eplen's old Pink Thumb Print Cookies." The argument was on, my wife said that "James Mack Eplen made himself famous for two things, the Mack's Square Burger and his infamous Lemon Ice Box pies."

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So I reached out to Mack's great-niece, Terri-Eplen Kleen to settle the argument in which Terri says "that her uncle Mack's Lemon Ice Box pie and the Square Burger are the top most requested recipes that people are always asking for." She then told me that the pink cookies are in the top five.

With that argument settled I asked Miss Eplen if there was any way that she would ever share the secret family recipes with me and that I would swear an oath to NEVER share them with anybody else. I then learned that the secret recipes are not so secret anymore (as you'll see in the video above).

Mack Eplen's best-kept secrets are not a secret anymore because Terri has gathered all of her family's "secret recipes" and published them in two cookbooks. "Mack Eplen's Best Kept Secret Volume 1" and "Volume 2" (published by Create My Cookbook). Then my wife informed me that she already owns the two autographed cookbooks she had ordered years ago.

While Mack Eplen's Drivateria was an Abilene and West Texas favorite from the '30s until the mid-'70s and is dearly missed today, one can create those awesome recipes at home now because Terri is sharing her family secret recipes and she's even on the Mack Eplen's Facebook page where she shares what she cooks from time to time.

Terri also shared that Mack's "Square Burger" was an Eplen family original, until Wendy's restaurants decided to copy Mack Eplen's "Square Burger." But Wendy's could never figure out that unique taste. Terri tells me the secret ingredient is a Carne Guisada Seasoning her great-uncle used to flavor all the burgers.

So if you're hankerin' for something from Abilene's history get the not-so-secret recipes from Terri Eplen's cookbooks, (you can order Vol. 1 or order Vol. 2), and if you are cooking or baking give me a call and I'll be right over. Thank's again Terri-Eplen Kleen for sharing the family's secrets.

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