Now that one post-apocalyptic universe has been laid to rest, The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson ventures to Hulu in search of another. The erstwhile Peeta Mellark will topline Hulu’s upcoming Future Man comedy from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the duo’s latest TV venture after Preacher.

Future Man follows the out-there premise of a janitor by day, world-ranked video gamer by night, tasked with preventing humanity’s extinction after visitors from the future declare him vital to stemming an imminent invasion from a “super-race.” In addition to joining as producer, Hutcherson will play said janitor, Josh Futturman, described by THR thusly:

The character still lives at home with his parents, and has a dead-end job as a janitor at a sexual disease research center called Devlin. Because of a sickly adolescence, Josh is socially inept, has low self-esteem and can’t approach women. The only thing he excels at is Cybergeddon, a video game set in a dystopian future where his character, Future Man, has the top ranking in the world. When Josh beats the final level, he’s visited by characters from the game who claim it is a training manual and he’s been selected to travel back in time and help them save the world. Is he ready? Absolutely not.

Rogen’s Sausage Party collaborator Ariel Schaffir and Kyle Hunter wrote the pilot script, executive producing with Rogen, Goldberg, James Weaver and Matt Tolmach, while Rogen and Goldberg will direct the pilot.

No word yet on official production, but should we look forward to a Josh Hutcherson Hulu series with Rogen and Goldberg aboard?

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