So, you're currently in some kind of debate, or argument, on social media and are now desperately seeking help in winning said argument. It's happened to all of us, hence why I'm writing this today.

The simple answer is there is no way to successfully win an argument on social media.

But what about all of my facts? Well, just because you are presenting facts doesn't mean you'll win the argument, per se. You may have the correct information, but there's no way of winning an argument online nowadays. There really isn't.

We all have our beliefs about certain topics and it doesn't matter how well you present your case to the opposing party, you won't change their mind. That's just the simple fact of social media in the 21st century.

Now just come up with a topic in which you have strong beliefs. Are you willing to listen to another perspective with the intent of possibly changing your mind if presented with an airtight set of facts? No. No one is nowadays. Then again, your facts may not appear to be facts to the person you're debating as we can all search for "facts" that justify our side of the argument.

You know what? There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, if that's the stance you'll take then it's best not to engage in any of that social media warfare as it's purely a waste of time and energy. In some cases, you could lose a dear friend or loved one in the process.

I'm as guilty as the next person and have to constantly remind myself not to engage, even when the other person is obviously ignorant of what they're speaking about. So, instead of constantly fighting, just let the ignorant be and you'll be much happier. Will that solve the problem of ignorance? Not at all, but it will give you a more peaceful day.


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