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An employee at a local Home Depot was almost run over after they caught a shoplifting suspect.

KAMC News reports that it happened on Sunday, February 20th, 2022 at the Home Depot at 5801 West Loop 289 in Lubbock.

The employee said that they noticed the suspect walk out of the store with multiple items, so they confronted the suspect in the parking lot. During the confrontation, the suspect let go of their shopping cart and walked to their vehicle.

The employee followed the suspect to their car, still with the shopping cart, and the suspect got in their vehicle. The employee stood in front of the vehicle and tried to get a picture of the license plate. That's when the suspect started driving in the employee's direction.

Surveillance footage showed the suspect accelerating and slamming on the brakes multiple times in the direction of the employee.

The employee didn't sustain any injuries, and the items the suspect was walking out of the store with were recovered.

As of Wednesday, February 23rd, the suspect had yet to be located. Their identity also remains unknown.

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