We’re all stoked that 2017’s reign of terror has finally ended and 2018 is here, sure to be a chill year full of extremely calm news headlines. Fingers crossed, anyway. Though they live in a galaxy far, far away, the cast and crew of Ron Howard’s Han Solo spinoff is celebrating the New Year along with us, and on New Year’s Day Howard welcomed us back into the cockpit with a new set photo from Solo: A Star Wars Story. But… whose cockpit is that?

It doesn‘t look like the Millennium Falcon’s — that ship has a completely different set of instruments on its dashboard. What it really looks like is the inside of an extremely retro car, with a stylish wheel, gear shift, and gas gauges. We did learn last month that the Falcon won’t look exactly the same as the ship that we’re used to, having undergone plenty of modifications in the years between the Kessel Run and A New Hope. So, this could be the same ship, but I doubt it. It could be someone else’s ride, or stolen. Solo is technically a criminal, after all. The bottom line is, since this is Star Wars, there’s a good chance we’ll see more than one spaceship in this movie.

In related news, the score for Solo is getting an assist from a very familiar composer. John Williams, a Star Wars institution by now, told Variety that he’d be providing a theme for the movie, around which John Powell can build the rest of the score. Solo isn’t the first Star War not to have a Williams score — Rogue One’s was composed by Michael Giacchino — but this is the first time Williams has collaborated on one this way.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters May 25.

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