This is one of those videos that comes with absolutely no context but where absolutely no context is necessary.

To sum up: this is about 40 seconds of slow-mo footage of an SUV flying through the air while on fire; a man jumping out of said SUV; and both man and SUV crashing into a small lake or pond or something. We do not get any lead-in or follow-up. There is neither introduction nor denouement. None of your standard cameraman-saying-something-stupid-beforehand-then-screaming-like-an-idiot-afterward stuff that happens in like 99 percent of YouTube clips like this.

So let's take a look at some of the details, shall we?

To start with, the guy who posted the clip calls himself "aguyfromalabama" -- which you probably could have guessed, right? And he calls this "the most epic vehicle jump ever!!" -- which you probably would have guessed is the title, right (especially the double exclamation point)? And scrolling through the comments, it seems the discussion is dominated by the fact that the guy jumping out held his nose before hitting the water. The commenters do not like this -- which you probably could have guessed, right? -- and they have proceeded to call him any number of derogatory terms we are not permitted to write on this family website.

We hope aguyfromalabama had a good time, though we have no idea why he'd want to set his truck on fire and then bury it underwater. Maybe it wasn't his. Maybe his girlfriend cheated on him and he's getting back at her by ruining her ride? Maybe he robbed a bank and is destroying the only evidence connecting him to the crime: the getaway car!

Man, if only we had some context.

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