You know, some people just aren't the same when they don't get their breakfast.

Police in Warren, Ohio are on the hunt for a man who took out a gun after a McDonald's employee informed him the restaurant had run out of Egg McMuffins.

The episode unfolded earlier this week around 3:30 in the morning when the man pulled up to the drive-thru and the worker broke the bad news to him. The employee claimed the suspect, who was in the vehicle with another man, pulled his gun and called her a name that we can't print here before he drove away. Where'd they go? We have no idea, although we think a guy like this jonesing for some breakfast food in the wee hours could've seen his way over to Waffle House.

The man and his passenger had not been seen before at the eatery. And after this, we're going to assume they're not exactly going to become regulars anytime soon.

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