It's not easy to think of your own hometown in the simplest of terms like, "Abilene from A to Z." After all, I like to think of Abilene as one of, if not the 'Greatest City in the Lone Star State period.' I started thinking about it, and it all came to me naturally. Besides, there's a lot of people moving here and I'm always being asked "what's there to do here?" or "what's Abilene all About?"

Here's what I managed to come up with. Maybe you've got suggestions or your own if so, please share them with us. While I was not born in Abilene, Texas I got here as fast as I could ( was born in El Paso). I live by a 'motto' that I came up with years ago while attending Abilene High School. My motto goes like this: "I love to live in Abilene, and I live to love in Abilene" and that's the truth so help me God.

The later part of my motto is even more proof because my wife was born and raised in Abilene, and so were all eight of our children. Now as far as the A to Z goes, I came up with what I saw were, some easy fits and some might be a little stretch but stick with me and I'll try to make sense of it all. Here goes My Abilene From A to Z:

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