UPDATE: Friends of the Abilene Public Library that host their book sale in June every year have announced that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the sale is being postponed until next year. According to Garrett Smith, the President of the Friends of the Abilene Public Library (FoAPL).

Garrett says, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. These closures have impacted the programs of the Friends of the Library, too. The FOL Board has conducted business by email and phone. Committees have met virtually to determine future plans, including hosting the annual book sale. To ensure we maintain a safe and healthy environment, the FOL Board has decided to reschedule the annual book sale until June 2021. Materials which have been donated for the 2020 sale will be warehoused and utilized during the June 2021 sale.

FoAPL Garrett Smith press release


Abilene library officials say that none of the libraries are open yet (but are planning to open May 18th). However, they will continue promoting their digital services on their website and the library's Facebook too. The Abilene Public Library hopes to open soon.

Friends of the Abilene Public Library
Photo by: Facebook/Friends of the Abilene Public Library

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