Former Frenship Tigers pitcher, and quarterback, Tyler Lyons became the answer to a Major League Baseball trivia question on Tuesday night. Earlier this week, Lyons was re-signed by the New York Yankees to serve a left-handed reliever.

During a blowout against the Toronto Blue Jays (being played in Buffalo), Yankees manager Aaron Boone attempted to bring in Lyons to pitch the eighth inning.  However, home plate umpire Carlos Torres quickly ruled Lyons ineligible to pitch, due to his name being omitted from the Yankees official lineup card.

Lyons is the second pitcher, in 2020, to be held out of a game after not being listed on a team's official lineup card.

Back on August 6, Toronto Blue Jays relief pitcher Jacob Waguespack was deemed ineligible to pitch in a game against the Atlanta Braves because of the same issue.

Lyons is playing in his eighth MLB season, with a career record of 13-12 with a 4.20 ERA. Lyons is currently ineligible to pitch for the Yankees in the postseason, due to not being on the Yankees 40-man roster by September 15.

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