It’s every woman’s fantasy: not the perfect man, but the man who is perfect in all ways except one, which can only be changed with the gentle touch of a lover. Anastasia Steele, the Dakota Johnson-played protagonist of the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, shares this widespread fixer-upper fetish, and she makes as much clear in the new trailer for Fifty Shades Darker. In the film disappointingly not titled Fifty-One Shades of Grey, Ana accepts BDSM addict Christian (Jamie Dornan) back into her life under the condition that he cut it out with all the brooding angst that originally attracted her to him and got old pretty quickly. They let one another back into their lives (and beds, and red-lit sexual torture chambers), but tragedy may cut the honeymoon phase short.

The newly released extended trailer gives a slightly clearer impression of the imminent danger facing Ana as she remolds Christian in the image of a slightly less dysfunctional guy. It’s no surprise that someone with as square a jaw as Christian has left a trailer of jilted girlfriends in his wake, and one of them in particular does not take the news that Christian’s found someone new very well. The apparent helicopter crash-landing won’t be the only time Ana’s life is threatened over the course of the movie; a gun-toting stalker from Christian’s dark past will visit tragedy on their Eden of elevator leg-touching.

Apart from that, it looks like Christian and Anastasia will go to a masked ball. If this is indeed an Eyes Wide Shut-style masked orgy, kudos to director James Foley for finally putting the franchise’s money where its genitals are; the original film was too tame by half. Fifty Shades Darker comes to theaters February 10.

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