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The Merkel HOA does not stand for the "Home Owners Association" it's a clever way to take ownership of the infamous acronym. The Merkel HOA stands for "Helping One Another" which if you ask me is genius for making it a community-wide organization that's doing more for its own.

As the saying goes the proof is in the pudding, and the Merkel HOA is hosting its annual city Wide Garage Sale. Wherein nearly the entire city will combine their forces and display their gently worn or used goods in their yards, driveways, and garages to attract those looking to buy frugally priced used goods.

The Merkel Helping One Another (HOA) is gathering all the information on who is participating in the citywide garage sale. A map will then be offered so that garage sale attendees will have a helpful list of where to go shopping in the great city of Merkel.

If you live in Merkel and would like to be included in the Merkel HOA list and map then the HOA is asking for a $5 fee to be placed on the list and garage sale map. Fees must be paid by no later than June 1, 2022, via the ticket link or sent to 123 Edwards St, Merkel TX. 79536, to the attention of the Merkel HOA.

Merkel's Helping One Another motto is:
They're on a mission to foster and facilitate a culture of community engagement promoting high-impact community partnerships that are mutually beneficial, innovative, collaborative, and pride inspiring for the betterment and promotion of Merkel, Texas!

Source: Merkel HOA

For all the visiting patrons, the maps will be handed out for free and are on a first-come basis. The HOA says "Merkel residents get your stuff rounded up and let’s do this! Your junk is another person’s treasure.

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