If you're a dog owner and like to travel with your pooch, then you're probably scouring the net for locations to eat that will allow you to bring your dog. There are also those who need the assistance of canines as service animals and, of course, some just like to bring their furry friend everywhere they go.

Well, you're in luck, because the Abilene area is host to a variety of restaurants that are dog-friendly, meaning you can dine outdoors with your pup at the table with you.

Now, I'm sure you'll need a somewhat well-behaved dog to be able to enjoy an Abilene dining experience or you might get a visit from the manager. I totally get it. We all love dogs, but the last thing we want is one trying to jump over us to get to our steak. So, that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

Also, while this article is about restaurants that will allow the general public to bring their dog, it doesn't mean these are the only area restaurants that allow service dogs. While some may not be dog-friendly, per se, they will still allow your service dog indoors and out. If yours is a service dog, make sure you call ahead to confirm your furry assistant is welcome.

By the way, regardless of how well-behaved your dog may be, please make sure it's on a leash.

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So, whether you're on vacation in Abilene, or just want to have Fido with you everywhere you go, here's a pretty cool list of restaurants that are dog-friendly.

LOOK: Dog Friendly Restaurants in Abilene

[Source: BringFido.com]

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