As Americans, April 15th has been embedded in our minds as the dreaded "Tax Day", where everybody who owes the I.R.S. had better pay up, or else! I want to change the way we view this day, so instead of going through the motions of being forced to pay my hard-earned money to Uncle Sam, I am going to celebrate "Procrastinator's Day"!

"Procrastinator's Day" is just like "Tax Day", minus the negativity. Notice in the video that I am not crying, upset, or even disappointed. I'm merely putting off what I should have taken care of weeks ago. Furthermore, I put an even more positive spin on the day by mailing out a package that has been sitting at my house for about six weeks (Happy birthday, mom. I didn't forget!). Take a look at how pleasant Tax - er - Procrastinator's Day can be:

Now that wasn't so bad. As a matter of fact, I think my mom will tell you she's a real fan of  Procrastinator's Day. Maybe next year, I'll dress like Uncle Sam and go through the routine again, but I'll wait to make my final decision.

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