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United States Senator Ted Cruz led a group of Republican senators Wednesday in calling for the Biden administration to stand with Israel as Israelis are under constant attack from "Iran-backed terrorist groups including Hamas."

Sen. Cruz laid part of the blame for the current conflict at the feet of the Biden-Harris administration. Cruz said the world just six months ago was a very different place with Israel at peace with Arab neighbors, and the Abraham Accords negotiated by the Trump administration was a major reason why.

Sen. Cruz then attacked the Biden administration for undermining Israel for sending millions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority while also reentering the Iran Nuclear Deal. The senator went after President Biden for not clearly stating that the United States has Israel's back, instead telling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he expects things to calm down soon.

Cruz called on the Biden administration to stand up for Israel and to help replenish the Iron Dome defense system Israel has:

“Now is the time for men and women with courage to step up and say, we stand with Israel. And by the way, now is a time when the Biden administration ought to step forward and say we’re going to replenish the Iron Dome munitions that are saving thousands of lives by intercepting these terrorist rocket attacks. Instead of attacking, and belittling, and undermining the nation of Israel, President Biden ought to be standing with Israel and replenishing the Iron Dome munitions.”

You can watch Senator Ted Cruz's full statement below.


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