My wife and I are into 'horror' more than most, so it's natural that we spend plenty of time looking into haunted houses and other spooky and creepy things. Well, after a little time on the ol' interwebs, I found a few houses that may not be haunted, but they sure are creepy and cool.

Some of these houses are for sale, too, so get that checkbook out if you want to upgrade to something that'll get people talking.

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Now, when I say they "may not be haunted", that's not a guarantee. I'm just saying that whether they're haunted or not, these houses are pretty creepy. Some are creepy inside, some outside, and some both.

Regardless, these would be fun houses to visit, with permission of course, for a ghost hunt.


Do you know of any creepy and cool houses that should be added to this gallery? <a href="mailto:" target="_blank">Shoot me an email</a> and I'll get it added. Also, shoot me an email if you know of any haunted houses that may be for sale. No, not like a haunted house you pay entry into, but an actual haunted house.

Live Out Your Millionaire Dreams in Abilene's Mansion Airbnb

Want to feel old-money rich for a weekend in Abilene, Texas? Check out the historic Fulwiler House on Airbnb.

I know what you're thinking, that would be a cool house to own or even just to rent out for a party. Well, if you really wanna party, try throwing a kegger in one of those creepy houses instead.

Then again, a nice home with an indoor pool would be the best for a rager, right?

Saltillo, TX Mansion With Nice Indoor Pool

The mansion was built by a high official with the Dallas Cowboys and now you could own it.

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