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While the CDC and states around the nation are beginning to get rid of COVID-19 mandates such as masking in restaurants, there are still mandates imposed on many Americans by the federal government. This has struck a nerve with some republicans, including Texas Congressman Chip Roy.

Roy is calling for Republican lawmakers to stand together and oppose funding for mandates when government funding runs out on March 11.

In a press release Congressman Chip Roy pointed to mandates for health care workers, members of the military and border patrol. Rep. Roy said he believes it's time for these mandates to end and that Republicans should force the issue this month:

"Congress has passed three continuing resolutions (CRs) since President Biden announced his plan to unilaterally impose COVID-19 vaccine mandates on Americans," Rep. Roy's letter reads. "Each of these CRs passed with Republican support. With another government funding deadline approaching on March 11, we urge you to take every step possible to defund these mandates once and for all."

Rep. Roy also pointed out the hypocrisy of asking American troops to assemble in Eastern Europe while threatening to fire them for choosing not to take the politicized COVID-19 vaccine.

Rep. Roy added that Republicans should sign on to his letter to oppose any and all funding of coronavirus-related mandates that the Biden administration has enacted.

Congressman Chip Roy has been a consistent voice calling for federal mandates to be blocked and fought through the budget. So far, other Republican lawmakers have not warmed to the idea of even entertaining a shutdown to prevent the mandates that still impact thousands of Americans.


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