Abilene, get ready for one of the most unique cirque events you've ever seen as Cirque Italia returns to town with their 'Water Circus' in mid-February.

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No sense in driving to the big city, when you can see (and experience) a world-class cirque show right here in West Texas. You'll enjoy high-flying acrobats, juggling, trapeze artists, and various other performers and acts swinging and flying all over the place.

Cirque Italia presents “Aquatic Spectacular.” The name reflects a unique attribute under the tent, as the show features a custom-designed water stage that travels from city to city. The stage holds 35,000 gallons of water that performers dazzle over while thrilling the audience with every move. With this “unique feature” under the tent, guests will be surprised, for it’s a show of its own! [Cirque Italia]

When and where will Cirque Italia be in Abilene?

Like previous visits to the area, they'll be performing under the stunning white and blue big top tent in the Mall of Abilene parking lot. They will be here from February 17th through the 21st with a total of 8 different showtimes.

How much are tickets and how do I purchase them?

Tickets for Cirque Italia range from $10 to $50 and can be purchased online here.

Check out the photos of Cirque Italia's Water Circus in the gallery below.

In the past, these Cirque Italia events in Abilene have sold out fairly fast, so don't wait until the last minute to get your tickets. Trust me, this will be incredibly memorable.


Make sure to listen to us as we'll have quite a few free passes to give away for these shows.

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