This is as good a reason as any to slap some skin: it's National High-Five Day.

Yes, apparently there is a day to honor the act of lifting your hand and enthusiastically smacking it against someone else's outstretched palm.

Occurring on the third Thursday in April, the day pays homage to this bonding act, which can be used in circumstances ranging from celebrating a touchdown to telling a good joke to completing a keg stand.

You've probably taken the high-five for granted, without giving a second thought to how it became as much a part of our world as the air we breathe. Luckily, we are here to educate you.

Take a few minutes to enjoy this short documentary about the history of the high-five. You'll be better for it.

Twitter has certainly taken notice of the holy occasion that is National High-Five Day, which is good because how we've survived this long without recognizing the high-five or for the place it holds in our lives is totally unacceptable. It makes us want to turn our hand inward and smack it in our own foreheads for being so dense.

So, don't leave us hanging -- check out the best tweets about this great day below.

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