The "Minneapolis Miracle" didn't just happen overnight. Nope, Case Keenum has been in the making for quiet sometime now. As a matter of fact, the best person to tell the Case Keenum story in his own words, would be Case!

In the video above you'll hear how Keenum has become used to being 'underestimated' all his life. Heck, it's become his mantra.

Yep, Case Keenum, the kid I watched throw a football around on Friday nights at Bulldog Stadium off of Antilley Road. I'd go there not to watch Case play, but rather to see my kid march in the Bulldog Band at halftime.

Who would of thunk that the tall, lanky kid running around tossing a football in Abilene Texas would become the #MinneapolisMiracle?

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