Casanova is facing robbery charges, following an incident at a Manhattan diner where a woman accuses the rapper of taking her phone while another member of the MC's crew put her in a chokehold. Now, video has been released of the hectic scene.

On Thursday (Aug. 16), ABC7 New York obtained surveillance video from the Good Stuff Diner on West 14th Street, where the assault and robbery took place. Video shows a man, who is not Casanova, with his arms around the victim's neck in a chokehold. The woman struggles a bit in the brief clip but does not appear to fight back. The clip does not show the alleged robbery but Casanova is seen in the footage.

The victim, Niya Rucker, initially spoke out about the incident on Aug. 10, four days after it all went down. She told Pix11 about the harrowing situation saying she was trying to get video of her meal on Instagram Live, when she was accosted by Cas and his crew, who believed she was filming them. One man attacked the woman, pulling her out of her seat, while Casanova is alleged to have grabbed the woman's phone from her hand and removed the IG post.

The woman claims her jaw was broken and she also had a tooth knocked loose during the beating. She was also required to get stitches in her chin.

On Friday (Aug. 10), the New York Police Department issued a warrant for Casanova's arrest. He turned himself in to police on Wednesday (Aug. 15).

Cas has vehemently denied the claims via his lawyer, Scott E. Leemon. "Casanova adamantly denies the allegation that he assaulted anyone," the statement reads. "Any contention he did so is totally false. We are in the process of conducting our own investigation into these false allegations."

See the disturbing video of the incident below.

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