Boca Chica is an undeveloped beach near Brownsville, Texas that very few are aware exists. The beach and surrounding lands make up Boca Chica State Park.

Everyone seems to head to the more well known and developed South Padre Island for fun in the sun, but if you want to quietly watch wildlife, fish or snorkel then you may want to head to the more isolated Boca Chica. The beach is easy to get to, just head East down Hwy 4 from Brownsville and drive until you basically hit water. You can turn right, which takes you to the mouth of the Rio Grande River or left, which takes you up the beach and straight across from the more popular South Padre.

The mouth of the Rio Grande empties into the Gulf Coast making this a great place to fish and watch wildlife. Birds like Egrets, Red Knots, Osprey, Willets and more inhabit the shoreline and wetlands surrounding the island. During the Spring and Summer months an especially endangered sea turtle, known as Kemp's Ridley, come ashore to lay their eggs. Beware of the waters though as the Portuguese Man-of-War like to float along the shoreline too!

Just keep in mind when visiting the beach there is no development; so no hotels/motels, stores, restaurants etc. This is a place to disconnect; enjoy the water, wildlife, walks on the beach and beautiful sunrises/sunsets.


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