Shake, rattle and roll. All over the roadway.

Brace yourself for this video (note the NSFW language) of a poor guy in Sacramento, whose bike begins shimmying and spinning along a highway before he falls off and cascades along the roadway like a little boy on a slip 'n slide, except this, you know, is on pavement that's not meant for the human body.

The woman who took the video said they had been following the biker for awhile and noticed he would shake when he hit speeds. After his accident, they came to his aid:

We pulled over immediately.....called 911, and help the man (and his bike) off to the side of the road as quickly as possible. He did walk over to the right shoulder by himself. His face was really mashed up (his nose looked broken) and arms covered in blood."

There's no word on his condition, but if you're thinking about getting a motorcycle, this is probably the type of video that the person who is against probably shouldn't see.

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