Halloween time is coming. It's definitely one of my favorite times of the year. However, until it gets here, how about a look at one haunted and creepy building? The Yorktown Memorial Hospital.

It's not just creepy, no, it goes way beyond that. As a matter of fact, The Sun recently crowned it the most haunted place on earth, and with good reason. Nearly 2000 deaths have occurred inside the walls of this hospital started by the Felician Sisters of the Roman Catholic Church in 1951. It operated as a hospital until 1986 when it became a rehabilitation center. The structure was permanently closed in 1992 and has been rotting ever since.

Complete with talking dolls in the nursery to the lime-green color of the walls and even an old chapel, nothing spells scary like this place. It's a paranormal hotspot that's been featured on ghost-hunting TV shows time and time again. Shadow figures are seen and poltergeist activity is also claimed. This is the real deal. Scroll forward to take a look inside this chilling building.

Beware: Abandoned Hospital in Texas Said to Be Most Haunted Place on Earth

Do you dare to set foot inside? If so, you too can experience Yorktown Memorial Hospital. This haunted location is open for tours and even overnight stays through their Facebook page if you're brave enough. I've never been and I'd like to. Who's up for taking a road trip?

You can call 210-748-4475 to ask any questions or to set up a tour. Now, that you're in the mood to get spooked, how about 10 big ghost legends from Texas? Keep reading if you dare.

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Here comes 10 ghost legends from the state of Texas:

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