Azealia Banks ran into some issues trying to catch a flight to Dublin, England for a show scheduled for Tuesday (Jan. 22). The Harlem rapper removed herself and her crew off a flight bound for the city after a confrontation with stewardesses on the plane.

On Monday (Jan. 21), Banks hopped on Instagram to tell her fans about the dust-up, which was also reported by DailyMail. She was boarding an Aer Lingus flight in Gatwick when things went left before the plane even took off.

According to a witness, "[Banks] was right at the front. A male friend was putting her things in the overhead locker, but Azealia needed to get something from her bag. She was stood in the aisle and preventing other passengers from boarding. Then she turned to the hostess and said, ‘Are you staring at me? Why are you staring at me? I didn’t fill out an Air Lingus form to be stared at.’ The hostess was being quite confrontational. She said to her, ‘I need to know if you are going to cause more trouble on this flight?'"

Angered by the situation, Banks reportedly exited the plane with team in tow. She explained her side of things on her Instagram Story in tearful clips.

"It's like every time I come to the U.K., it's always some shit with these fucking airline people. They are always just starting shit with me," she said.

He story was very similar to the witness. The rapper added, "They just crowd around me and start chastising me like I'm some kind of animal, you know...So I get off the plane, 'Cause I'm like, shit. I've worked to hard in my life to be cornered by some fucking ugly Irish bitch."

Banks thinks the flight crew purposely tried to get a rouse out of her and said she's been banned from the airline. "They tried their hardest to get me to say something or do something or freak out. You now, I'm just like really trying to calm down right now," she added.

In other Banks-related news, it was recently reported that the rapper has been subpoenaed to testify in Tesla investors' fraud case against Elon Musk.

See Azealia Banks' tearful rant below.

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