High school seniors all over the Big Country will be graduating in May and June, so now is the time to plan that graduation party. Trust me, I was late to the game when I planned my daughter's party, so don't let that happen to you. Plan now. Book now.

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It may sound foolish to get such an early jump on your graduation party, but doing it ahead of time will ensure you've got just what you want and where you want it. Also, think outside the box when planning your senior's graduation party.

Parties don't all have to be in big rooms with lots of people. You might try a park, swimming pool, church, or even someone's massive backyard, but the key to success is booking your venue in advance.

I had some help crowdsourcing some of these venues, so if I'm missing one, please shoot me an email to get it added.

Best Graduation Party Venues in the Abilene Area

Aside from those places that I just mentioned, you can also try some of the places that the city and county have to offer, like Rose Park Activity Building, the Round Building at the Expo Center, or even the Exhibit Hall at the Convention Center.

There are quite a few options for hosting a graduation party, but you should start planning now to ensure you have a "happy graduate".

Oh yeah, another thing to consider is graduation parties of friends. Get with your kid's friend's parents to make sure you're not planning one at the same time as they are. Better yet, to save some money, plan a party with other graduates and just have one big party.

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