The Dallas Cowboys are getting set to make their playoff run and if all the cards fall into place, it is possible that they could be playing at home if they make it to the Super Bowl.

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According to WFAA, the NFL is looking into possible backup venues for Super Bowl LVI, and AT&T Stadium, where the Cowboys play their home games, is one of the stadiums on their radar.

A Dallas Cowboys front office source tells WFAA that the team and league have engaged in preliminary discussions about AT&amp;T Stadium serving as an emergency site for the 2022 Super Bowl should possible COVID restrictions in California create problems with playing the game in Southern California. (<a href="" target="_blank">WFAA</a>)

Super Bowl LVI is scheduled to be played at the brand new SOFI Stadium in California. But, an uptick in Covid cases has the NFL searching for possible replacement stadiums. On Christmas Eve alone, over 10,000 new Covid cases were reported in Los Angeles County, the highest count in almost a year. Since then, the county issued mandates stating that anyone 5 years or older must show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test in order to visit theme parks and other attractions.

So, while California continues to see a huge rise in Covid cases, the NFL is simply inquiring about backup venues just in case of an emergency, such as the 'Golden State' issuing major restrictions.

There is nothing currently scheduled at AT&T Stadium on February 13th, the day of this year's Super Bowl. So, it is possible that the NFL could use the house that Jerry built, in case of an emergency.

How cool would that be? Especially if the Dallas Cowboys find a way to get to the Super Bowl. We can dream, right?

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