We know someone is going to mess up. We can feel it. Yet, it's still pretty darned funny.

News Be Funny is out with the best of the worst (or is that worst of the worst?) in news bloopers for the month of April.

Whether it's an unfortunate NSFW slip of the tongue, an amusing photobomb, an anchor not ready to be on camera or any of the slew of things that can go wrong, bloopers remind us that even seasoned pros have moments that they'd rather forget.

And in this age of "fake news" and the low confidence many have in the journalism field, anything that deviates from the script to make those in it look foolish only reinforces to those who believe it is a tainted profession that they're nothing but a bunch of bozos.

So, maybe instead of laughing, we should be crying, knowing we may be watching the demise of the press right before our eyes.

As someone very prominent in this country may say, "Sad."

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