If you've been pondering adopting a cat or dog from the Abilene Animal Shelter, then right now is the best time to do so, for many reasons.

The most important reason is that you're saving the life of a cat or dog. While our shelter isn't a no-kill shelter, they do their best to make sure each animal finds a new home. Sometimes, though, they still have to make those tough decisions about euthanization.

Another great reason to adopt right now is that you're helping the shelter reduce the number of animals they have at the shelter. Lately, the Abilene Animal Shelter has been overcapacity and is in desperate need of our help. Now is a great time to adopt a pet.

Finally, if you adopt a pet, from the shelter, then you'll also receive four (4) free passes to the Abilene Zoo. You get a life-long friend as well as a chance to see one of the nicest zoos in Texas.

To top it off, adoption fees for cats and dogs are only $40 during this promotion.

Now is the perfect time for any family that is considering adopting a dog or cat. So please swing by the Abilene Animal Shelter and give a cute furry little friend a new home.

Abilene Animal Services is located at 925 South 25th Street and open Monday through Saturday, 11 pm-2 pm and 3 pm-6 pm.

You can also check out the gallery of cats and dogs that are currently available for adoption on the Abilene Animal Services website.

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Abilene Animal Services via Facebook
Abilene Animal Services via Facebook

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