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WARNING, the photos below may be disturbing.

Abilene's Rescue The Animals SPCA needs your help raising $20,000 to help to care for abused and abandoned pets from around West Texas and eastern New Mexico. Recently Abilene's Rescue the Animals (RTA) was contacted to assist in rescuing dogs from a pet hoarder, breeder.

Rescue The Animals Needs Help Raising $20k By May 31st To Pay Medical Bills

In the meantime, many of the dogs are suffering from severe neglect and abuse. All of the animals rescued need medical attention and the medical expenses are getting more expensive. Abilene's RTA believes all the animals need to be saved.

WARNING: These Animal Abuse Photos May Be Disturbing

Paul Washburn, Founder of Rescue the Animals says that a Double or Nothing Challenge Grant has been offered and they have until May 31, 2022, to raise $20,000. Thus, giving Rescue the funds needed to treat and rescue these beautiful fur babies.

Washburn says there's a post-pandemic pet panic that's happening all over Texas. "We are seeing record numbers of abuse, neglect, and hoarding cases with calls coming in from all over Texas and even New Mexico. We've taken in 109 animals from just 4 cases" Paul said.

RTA has received calls about hundreds of other animals in trouble, many of them starving, most needing medical attention. The medical bills are up drastically, breaking the Rescue the Animal's budget this year.

Paul said these are some of the medical; issues: Heartworms, amputations, surgery of all kinds, mange, burns, and a wide variety of infections that all cost money.

Here's the deal, Abilene's Rescue the Animals SPCA can earn an extra $20,000 if you donate, and it is an "all or nothing" grant. We must match the entire $20,000 by the deadline to get the additional $20,000. Please give.

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