It's bad enough that many people who talk on their phones while driving tend to not pay full attention to the road.  Add texting to that, and you have a very dangerous situation on the roads.  The mayor of Abilene, Norm Archibald, has proclaimed today (September 19th) as 'Texting and Driving: It Can Wait' Day.

According to, Archibald, and the city of Abilene, have teamed up with AT&T to help remind everybody that it's not a good idea to take your eyes off the road to check out a text.  The idea is for everybody to put down the phone and not text while driving for the whole day.

I have to admit, I have been guilty before of texting while driving.  I don't do it very much, but when I do it's usually on a road that does not have a bunch of traffic.  Still, that is no excuse.  It is a dangerous thing to do and I'm not only risking my life, but others as well.

Look, we have enough problems with Abilene drivers as it is.  Adding texting or even talking on the phone makes it that much worse.  In fact, in a recent poll, talking and texting while driving was picked as the most hated thing about driving in our city.

Think texting while driving is no biggie and you can handle it?  So did the people in the video below.  Take 10 minutes to watch this powerful video.

Texting While Driving Awareness Video

So, can you put the phone down for a day and not text while driving?  Do you think texting, or talking on the phone for that matter, should be banned?

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